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Sunset Engagement Photos at Stony Creek Metropark with Princess and Brandon

Last spring I met up with a fun-loving couple at Stony Creek Metropark in Shelby Township. The couple’s vision was to have a woodsy-styled photoshoot with the sun peaking through the trees and some beautiful golden glow. 

Since that shoot, Stony has become one of my favorite places to shoot! We first met at one of the first parking lots as you entered the park. If you have never been to Stony before, it can be very confusing. 

Once we met up, we discussed our game plan and carpooled around the park to our locations. They had never been to the park and they wanted a few minutes to see it before diving into photos.

Where to Take Photos at Stony Creek 

We started off at the Hold House Ruins, where there once was a beautiful mansion. Now all that is left are the stairs and some stones. This is such a great, unique spot! Especially just before sunset.

To get to the Stony Creek ruins, you have to park at the golf course. Just before the parking lot, you will see a small grass lot near the entrance to the trail. This is where you park. Enter the trail and go back to your right a few hundred feet and you will see the stairs. It’s pretty easy to find!

After our stair photos, we made sure to capture the essence of the woods with the tall pine trees. As someone who loves working with lines in photography, I was in heaven. The sun hit the couple perfectly and their fairy-tale woodsy engagement photos dreams came true!

We spent almost an hour taking pictures in the mansion/trails area before heading back to our cars. On the way, we stopped at the boat launch to capture the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen! The sun sets over the water and makes for the most magical photograph. You can view the entire gallery of Princess and Brandon here.

We spent nearly two hours together for the entire engagement photoshoot. I recommend scheduling in two hours for any type of photo session at Stony just because it is so big and you can achieve several different looks at the park.

I highly recommend Stony Creek for any of the following photos:

  • Senior pictures
  • Engagement photos
  • Couples photos
  • Anniversary photos

Schedule a Photoshoot at Stony Creek Metropark

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