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How to Change Your Last Name after Marriage in Michigan

The wedding festivities are over and you’re settled into your new life as husband and wife. You’re now Mrs. ____! But if you’re going to legally change your name, where do you start? In this post, we’re outlining everything you need to know about how to change your name after marriage in Michigan! 

What Documents do You Need to Start the Name Change Process?

  • A copy of your marriage license that has been filed with your county clerk. The officiant usually files this for you after the wedding. 
  • Certified copies of your marriage license: Certified copies are different from the marriage license. These are stamped with an indented seal. These must be obtained from the county in which your marriage license is filed.  It’s suggested to order more than just one, as you will be required to show or send in this documentation to any business with which you change your name. You can request these by mail, or make an appointment at the clerk’s office, and they will print them right there for you.
  • Application to request copies for Macomb County can be found here. 
  • Application to request copies for Oakland County can be found here.

How to get a New Social Security Card

The first step in the name change process is to get a new social security card. You will need this in order to get new forms of ID with your name change. It’s actually not as intimidating as it sounds, and if you’ll be able to do most of it online!

1) Apply Online

You can visit to apply for your new social security card. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to do everything online. Other times the site will direct you to arrive in person to your local Social Security Office.

2) Make an appointment at your local Social Security office. 

You will need your marriage license and driver’s license to fill out the application. A paper copy of the application can be found on the Social Security Website here. At the time of your appointment, you will also need to bring your current driver’s license as the clerk will need this to confirm your identity before completing the name change. The entire appointment only takes about 5 minutes if you have already completed the application.

It’s important to note that the Social Security office clerks have different specialties. Creating an appointment instead of a walk-in appointment ensures that the clerk specializing in marriage name changes is there to help you so you do not have to come back, because you’re probably a bit busier during this new season of life! 

How to update your name on your driver’s license

After you have applied for your new social security card, you can update your driver’s license. Make an appointment at your Michigan Secretary of State office.  While some offices and clerks may vary, bring the following to your appointment to stay on the safe side:

  • your old social security card
  • new social security card (or proof that you applied from the social security office)
  • current driver’s license
  • marriage license (the website may not mention this is required, but it is). There is no application required, but the basic fee for the change is $9. 

At this appointment, you’ll be able to change your address if needed, update donor status if desired, and they will ask you to write your new name signature (so start practicing for fun!) and take a new driver’s license photo of you (any time your identity is changing in any way, they require a new photo). 

How to change your name on your passport

You’ll be required to fill out the passport update form DS-82 found online here. This is one of the more costly steps. Look at your passport’s expiration date before officially starting the passport name change process. You may want to wait to legally change your name if your passport is not set to expire soon and you’re planning any big trips (like your honeymoon). Keep in mind that passports can take weeks to be delivered!

If you do end up traveling abroad, a copy of your marriage license along with your current (but not expired) passport can be brought as a work-around, but be sure to research the location(s) you’ll be going to, to make sure they won’t give you any issues with that. If you do decide to make the change now, the cost is $130.  

How much is it to change your name in Michigan?

When budgeting for your name change, here’s a rough estimate. The math may look differently depending on how many copies of the marriage license you request, but here’s the breakdown:

  • Marriage license at $15, and every additional copy after that at $5 (say you request 5 copies that way you have some to send out and some to file in your records) – $40
  • Updated driver’s license – $9
  • Updated passport – $130
  • Excluding any additional costs required for stamps and envelopes, you’re at an all in average total of $179 for your legal name change.

What to do after your name is legally changed

Woohooo! You’ve legally changed your name! Now it’s time to let everyone know. You’ll need to reach out to all your accounts as soon as possible so you don’t disrupt any bank accounts, credit cards, or payroll. You’ll also want to do the following:

  • Reach out to all banks and credit card companies that you have a card with. Some banks may require you to book an appointment with a banker for the change, so bring your documentation with you for proof (marriage license, updated social security card, and updated driver’s license). For most credit cards, you’ll have to contact their customer service number to update this. Depending on their procedures, some may change it for you right over the phone, and others require you to mail them documentation as proof. 
  • Reach out to the HR department of your employer to change name on payroll: Some companies may require different documentation, but most will require proof of name change and all legal documentation that goes along with the name change. To be safe, provide your marriage license, updated driver’s license, updated social security card, and updated passport. They take care of the rest.  
  • If you have a mortgage on your home, be sure to reach out to your lender. Make sure your name has been updated on all of their documentation.

Other Name Change Resources

For the new bride who would prefer all the documentation in one package, there are a few name change services that can help. Check out HitchSwitch, NewlyNamed and MissNowMrs. These are the best rated name change services in the industry. There are different package options varying by price so you can choose what works best for you. Some brides even add these services to their registry to keep things simple and easy! 

Do you think we missed anything? Let us know! Our goal is to continue creating quality and relative information to make this process way less intimidating for you.

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